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My BASIC Quick Reference Guide

Abbreviation: R <SHIFT+E>

TYPE: Statement
FORMAT: READ <variable>[,<variable>]...

Action: The READ statement is used to fill variable names from constants in DATA statements. The data actually read must agree with the variable types specified or the BASIC error message ?SYNTAX ERROR will result.(*) Variables in the DATA input-list must be separated by commas.

A single READ statement can access one or more DATA statements, which will be accessed in order (see DATA), or several READ statements can access the same DATA statement. If more READ statements are executed than the number of elements in DATA statements(s) in the program, the BASIC error message ?OUT OF DATA is printed. If the number of variables specified is fewer than the number of elements in the DATA statement(s), subsequent READ statements will continue reading at the next data element. (See RESTORE.)

*NOTE: The ?SYNTAX ERROR will appear with the line number from the DATA statement, NOT the READ statement.

EXAMPLES of READ Statement:

110 READ A,B,C$
120 DATA 1,2,HELLO

100 FOR X=1 TO 10: READ A(X):NEXT

200 DATA 3.08, 5.19, 3.12, 3.98, 4.24
210 DATA 5.08, 5.55, 4.00, 3.16, 3.37

(Fills array items (line 1) in order of constants shown (line 5))


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