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My BASIC Quick Reference Guide

Abbreviation: ST <SHIFT+E>

TYPE: Statement
FORMAT: [STEP <expression>]

Action: The optional STEP keyword follows the <end-value> expression in a FOR statement. It defines an increment value for the loop counter variable. Any value can be used as the STEP increment. Of course, a STEP value of zero will loop forever. If the STEP keyword is left out, the increment value will be + 1. When the NEXT statement in a FOR loop is reached, the STEP increment happens. Then the counter is tested against the end-value to see if the loop is finished. (See FOR statement for more information.)

NOTE: The STEP value can NOT be changed once it's in the loop.

EXAMPLES of STEP Statement:

25 FOR XX=2 TO 20 STEP 2 (Loop repeats 10 times)
35 FOR ZZ=0 TO -20 STEP -2 (Loop repeats 11 times)

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