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Bounty Bob Strikes Back!
Big Five Software, 1985

Action Replay Code:
POKE 28584,173 - Lives

Type-in Cheat:
Level Skip:
Level 1 - Get the flowerpot, then press 1+F7 to jump to level 4.
Level 2 - Kill all monsters, jump onto the rolling hoop, then press 3+F7 to jump to level 22.
Level 3 - Get the trophy, then press 4+F7 to jump to level 15.
Level 5 - Get the tea pot, then press 8+F7 to jump to level 8.
Level 10 - Get the pitchfork, then press 4+5+F7 to jump to level 14.
Level 16 - Get the pie on the left, then press 9+F7 to jump to ?

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