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PC Controller Box

I always wonted a custom control box that I can set key function for a game. Because I am always forgetting what key or pressing the wrong key on the keyboard.

This unit uses an BU0836A controller board. It's a 12-bit joystick controller designed for costume simulator rigs. It has 8 analog input's, 32 buttons and 8 way hat switch. As must game will accepted a joystick input for simulator function's, this unit works well.


Parts List:
1x - BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller - From Leo Bodnar.
25x - Tactile Switches, 12x12mm, 8mm shaft.
2x - Flush push buttons.
1x - 5-way Tactile Switch.
2x - 10k Pots.
36x - 1N4148 or 1N4004, Axial and SMDs.
1x - DSUB 15p Female.
1x - Suitable box.

Controller Box Drawing

25 Buttons, Hat switch with diode's on a throw hole proto PCB. All the connection are linked up with link wire. It only needs simple methods because PCB are very expansive for a one off.


I got this case from ebay, it has a flat bottom with a sloped top, just right for a control box.
You see hear all 30 holes drilled out, ready for the PCB. The two flat buttons all ready installed.


The bottom back of the box showing the extension port and the BU0836A installed.
The Extension Port brings out the remaining controller for more custom controller's. That's button 0 to 3 and analog 1 to 6.


All the top peace components are now installed. Reveling my link wire work.


The finished unit with overlay for Elite Dangerous. Because the BU0836A is a joystick, it should be easy to program it in to any game that might need it, and then print a overlay for it. (still got to get a knob for the hat switch)


My Elite Dangerous setup.

Commodore Cheetah made by Allen Monks, started in the year 2000.