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Welcome to Commodore Cheetah.

This site is dedicated to one of the best computer in my life, the Commodore 64. The main purpose of this site to display the number of Game Cheats that I have collected over the years. Even though nowadays they are not really need thanks to cracked games, I'll still collect them.
I also added other c64 related and non-related thing that I've done.

It's a basic website, from a basic web builder,
Thanks for visiting.


January 2, 2021
Hear is the new look of Commodore Cheetah. It's still retro look site because this is the limit of my skills, but I hope it serve your needs.
There are a few thing still to added, however today you will find an up to date cheat collection and thanks to Alex for adding a less known Count Duckula cheat. I all so added my personal BASIC Handbook that I used years ago. It's not a complete BASIC guide but it helped me out.

Commodore Cheetah made by Allen Monks, started in the year 2000.