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c128D Refurb

All PCB mounting pillar where damaged and the PSU fan sound like a jet engine.
So it's time time solve this problem. Using a 3D printer to solve the problem.

Download STL Files


Using 'c128 PCB Mount 1.stl'.
The flat base supports was damaged by using the wrong type so screws (probably my fault). So I created replacement and printed them. I drilled out the pillar and keyed the hole so it wont rotate. The fitted the new support and secured it Araldite. Now it's solid as a rock.

I know it looks a bit over engendered, but there no way it will come loss.


Using 'c128 PCB Mount 2.stl'.
The only tall support that has damage, I have to be creative in replacing it. The new support had to go over the old support and support it self. So I created a wedge shape that ruffle fitted the gap and then secured with Araldite.

Now the PCB fitted securely and no fear of moving around again.


My fist plan was to replace the PSU with a modem PSU. However, after examining the PSU I thought it didn't need replacing. Instead I replaced the fan with a good quality replacement.

I chose to use a 60mm Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX fan. Lucky the PSU fan terminals still meat modem 3-pin fan connector. I did use the supplied in line nose reduction cable and rubber anti vibration tabs.
Now the fan is next to silent. Easy fix.

I am in no doubt that I will have to replace the whole PSU in the future.


Commodore Cheetah made by Allen Monks, started in the year 2000.