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4 September, 2022
It's been a long time sense the last update, but I've been remaking my cheat management program.
I can now add a pass mark to any cheats that have been checked and works. Also I've been sorting throw some Basic Cheat scripts and I'll be slowing adding them in. It in voles scanning scripts, use image to text software, check the text against the images and use CBM prg Studio the create the PRG files.

Also re-added some old project pages that I had online before the remake of the whole website.
You will find a clone of creating a GEOS installer original created on Click Here Software before it was closed down.
Lastly I've updated My BASIC Handbook on a few thing, but I have forgotten what it was.



Turrican 2 Image
Dizzy 3 Image

Commodore Cheetah made by Allen Monks, started in the year 2000.